Carlos Ortiz


Carlos Ortiz – Hello my name is Carlos Ortiz I am a tattoo artist from Blue Island, Illinois, just south of Chicago. My earliest memory of tattooing was when I was about 4 my family would travel to Mexico to visit my grandparents. In the neighborhood I would see young kids tattooing each other when they were only10 years old. My brother Jose aka “RANGER” began hanging out with these kids when we saw them, and shortly after he turned 13, he began tattooing as well. By the time he was 15, he had a full sleeve he had done himself and was on his way to starting his tattoo career. Back then, I had not started tattooing but I would watch my brother all the time. I was always curious if I might be able to do the same thing. He would have me help him with making stencils by hand, sterilizing, and making designs for him.

After watching my brother tattoo for over 10 years, I began tattooing in 2006 at the age of 18. In 2009 he opened Aztek Ink after tattooing at other peoples studios and my parents house for almost 13 years. We worked side by side constantly, often working until the wee hours of the morning. Jose was diagnosed with stills disease in his early twenties. He battled with it for years, although he never complained about it.  He passed away in June of 2014 at the young age of 31. Today I

I have loved drawing all my life and began to enjoy horror and surrealism after learning about Salvador Dali from my high school art teacher Mr. Hart. I enjoyed ballpoint pen for a long time then spread out and tried almost every other medium I could get my hands on, from oil to digital to sculpting. I attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago from 2007-2010 where I received a bachelor’s degree in Illustration.


My favorite style is realism with horror or surreal parts to it. While I mostly do black and grey, I still really like to do color realism as well. I love the added challenge of balancing the intensities of color and value at the same time.



To get in touch for work Please email,  our studio phone (708) 529-8356. or follow our social media/websites to keep up with my work and studio. THANK YOU for following my work!









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